Dental Bridge in Brampton

What is a dental bridge?

Dental BridgeA dental bridge is an appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. These appliances are cemented into place and cannot be removed by the patient.

Who is a candidate for bridges?

Nearly everyone who has one or more missing teeth is a candidate for a dental bridge. However, the difference between proper and improper oral hygiene is, generally, what determines the success of the dental bridge.

What are the benefits?

Enjoy the foods you love. Restore the function you have lost!

Dental Bridges will not only restores the function lost by a missing tooth, it maintains the shape of your face, alleviates the stress from your bite, and distributes the forces of chewing onto multiple teeth. The success of any bridge depends on its foundation which includes the neighbouring teeth to which it is attached, supporting gums and bone.

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