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Bruxism | Teeth Grinding | Tooth Clenching

Night Guards - Starbrite Dental - BramptonIf you brux your teeth, you may unconsciously clench your teeth together during the day, or clench or grind them at night, also known as sleep bruxism. When diagnosed early, teeth grinding can be treated before it causes permanent damage to the teeth. Constant grinding wears down the surface of the tooth, exposing the soft dentin beneath the enamel.

Benefits of a NightGuard

Night guards are a great way for bruxers to reduce health problems caused by clenching and grinding, but the benefits don’t stop there! Wearing a night guard can help…

  • Stop grinding
  • Improve breathing during sleep
  • Ease aching in neck and shoulders.
  • Reduce headaches
  • Reduce discomfort during sleep
  • Reduce stress on jaw joints
  • Reduce tension in jaw muscles
  • Protect teeth and dental work from damage caused by clenching and grinding.
  • Reduce chipping, fractures, excessive wear and loosening of the teeth.
  • Possibly reduce snoring!

Can Wearing a Mouth Guard Make You Faster and Stronger?

Mouth guards may do more than protect teeth during a workout.


Apart from making sure you don’t lose a tooth, mouthguards may give you an athletic boost.  Recent studies have confirmed that wearing a mouth guard during exercise can help increase muscular endurance, prevent muscle cramping, and reduce buildup of the stress hormone cortisol.

Mouthguards, also known as sports guards or athletic mouth protectors, are crucial pieces of equipment for any child or adult participating in contact sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey and even a regular gym workout.  A mouthguard prevents teeth clenching and opens up the airways, allowing professional and everyday athletes alike to breathe easier during a workout.

Mouthguards or sportguards fit snugly over the upper teeth to protect the entire oral region from traumatic injury, preserving both the aesthetic appearance and the health of your smile.

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